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Testimony of Mrs C . . .
Testimony of Mr C . . .
Testimony of Miss G . . .

Mrs P is in her 70`s and in poor health. She cares for her adult son who has learning difficulties, and her husbandwho is physically disabled and has recently had a cancer diagnosis.

The existing Disability Benefits awards for both her son and husband were due to expire and both of them had received forms to claim Personal Independence Payments.

She felt totally overwhelmed looking at the size of the forms, and the information requested. She went to her surgery for advice, and they contacted Social Prescribing who referred her to our advisor.


The deadline for completion was fast approaching, but fortunately Caroline was able to visit the following day. Completing each form took a couple of hours, plus a visit to the Surgery to collect some additional supporting evidence.


Mrs P. rang two weeks later to say that an appointment had been made for a home visit to carryout an assessment for both her son and husband which we hope will enable the appropriate benefits to be reinstated.

The Alzheimer’s Society referred Mr C to us. He has dementia and his partner has been caring forhim for the past 18 months, having given up work to do so.


Another charity had already completed an Attendance Allowance application form, but the application was unsuccessful.


As Caroline has a close working relationship with the Alzheimer’s Society, the local Support Worker referred the case to her.


A new application was completed and Mr C’s partner noted that they hadn`t been asked many questions the first time around; this made them realise the form had not been completed correctly.


The benefit was then awarded, which made it possible for Caroline to then assist in a successful application for the Carers Allowance for his partner.

Miss G was discharged from hospital into a nursing home ,Social Services established she had outstanding debts and there were complications with her bank account.


The case was referred to Caroline who resolved the issues with Miss G,’s bank and now visits Miss G when required to help with her finances.

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